About Union

Farmers Parliament  is the voice of Latvian  farming.

Farmers Parliament (ZSA) is a member organisation / industry association for farmers in Latvia.

The Union was begun by 134 farmers in 1999 to ensure that the comercial farmers of Latvia are represented in communication with the government. The organisation has grown ever since and has become the largest farmers’ organisation in Latvia and one of the most influential unions in the country, reaching nearly 900 members, who together produce more than half of Latvian total agriculture produce. Farmers Parliament negotiates with the government and national organisations and institutions on behalf of Latvian farmers, as well as represents Latvian farmers’ interests at European Union level being a member in European Farmers umbrella organisation COPA/COGECA.



  • To represent the interests of Latvian local farmers both at national and European Union level;
  • To cooperate with national and international private and public institutions and organisations in order to provide best services for Union members;
  • To ensure information, consultation and training for union members, other farmers and general public.

Few Facts About Farmers Parliament

Facts about Farmers Parliament:

  •  Nearly 900 members;
  •  Members manage approximately  500 000 ha;
  •  36 % from members engaged in animal husbandry ;
  •  56 % of members specializing in grains and raps growing;
  •  8 % other agricultural areas (professional associations, horticulture, fruit growing, rural tourism, and other);
  •  More than 4 thousand work places are provided by members;


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Board & Council

Board Member
Board Member
Board Member
Board Member

The Union is managed by farmers. The main decision bodies of Farmers Parliament’s are the Congress and the Board.

The Board, consisting of nine farmers, including the Chairman and two Deputy Chairmen. The Board is the executive body of Farmers Parliament. The Board member regional representation, as well as their contact details can be found on the map above. The Board meetings are held once every month.

The Council, which has advisory role, consists of the Board, Heads of the Regional and Professional Associations.

The Congress (annual gathering of members) is the highest decision body in the organisation.



Junior Project Manager
Livestock expert
Project Manager
Office Administrator
Project Manager
Junior Project Manager
Agriculture Policy Expert
Financial Manager
Public Relation Specialist

Farmers Parliament office is a powerful idea generator with 11 permanent employees in the office each working in a different area, i.e. rural development, environment protection, lobbying, event and project management, public relations,  life-long learning and providing services to farmers. We like to compare ourselves with the  bicycle – if you want to drive it, all details must work together.



Union “Farmers Parliament”/ biedrība “Zemnieku saeima”
Republikas laukums 2, 916. kabinets, Rīga, LV -1010
Phone: +371 6702 7044, + 371 6702 7134
e-mail: birojs@zemniekusaeima.lv

VAT Reg.No. LV40008042411,
AS SEB Bank Vecrīgas Branch,
UNLALV2X, LV71UNLA0001002700264