2013 – 1 – TR1 – LEO05 – 47598


Elma aims:

-Raising awareness as to geographical indications -which are the most substantial instrument of practicing quality policies-, encouraging manufacture of quality products and enhancing their capability of branding;

– Ensuring perpetual awareness by updating information regarding the legislations such as national and international geographical indications, EU harmonization codes, quality standards in relation with the sector and develop their export capacities,

-Inform regarding the grant-incentives towards SMEs to create new markets, develop their networks by creating awareness about the participation in the national and international exhibition, seminars, fairs, to ensure transfer of best practices and provide mobility of the local products

Elma Objectives:

I 4 main and different sub elements will be stated in the training models to be prepared for the development of the non technological innovation abilities and commercialization of the regional manufacturers in accordance with the result of the needs analysis.

1. Protection and Audit

1.1. Geographic sign, National, International Registration, Struggle against Reproduction

2. Competitiveness and Innovation

2.2. Creativity, Innovation Culture, Innovation Cooperation

3. Promotion and Market Development

3.1 Brand Management, Marketing Strategies, Fairs

4. System Management

4.1. Team, Project Development, Implementation, Incentives

(-European Policy and Recommendation towards the Local Products; -Geographic Sign, which is an efficient tool in the commercialization of the regional products and its importance; National Geographic sign policies, application process and audit; -What is Brand?-Why Branding is important? etc.; -Good Practices; -Project print outs)


II Web portal for the Project.


ZSA willl be responsible Regional Product Selection and Current Status Analysis (Situation Analysis):


ELMA-TP has 12 partnership consortiums from Turkey, Latvia, Italy, Greece, Slovenia.


Coordinator: Governorship of Bursa (Turkey);  Partners: Agire Scarl (Tukey);  Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution (Turkey), Provincial Coordination Unit for Bursa (Turkey); Bursa Tradesman and Craftsman Chambers (Turkey);  Union; Farmers Parliament Union (Latvia); Hellenic Regional Development Center (Greece); K-Shift srl; Pixel Association (Italy); Directorate of Science, Industry and Technology (Italy) ; Skupina Primera (Slovenia);  Türk Ticaret.net Yazılım Hizmetleri A.Ş (Turkey); Uludağ Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Exporters’ Association (Italy)



Project duration: 2 years

Budget: 29 248 EUR, Leonardo fund (75%) 21936 EUR, Coofinancing (25%) 7312 EUR