Farmers’ Parliament in the Green Week in Berlin BSA

On January 19-20, 2017, Farmers’ Parliament Agricultural Policy Expert Martins Trons participated in several events in Berlin during the Green Week. The Green Week is the annual international exhibition of agriculture and food, which has been taking place in Berlin since 1926. At the opening day of the exhibition, we participated in the international conference “Agriculture and Water – a Key to the Global Cultivation”. Discussions were made on the future challenges facing agriculture, knowing that agriculture currently consumes 70% of global freshwater resources. In addition, the availability of water is becoming increasingly extreme: there are places where water supplies are exhausted and there are places where there is a lot of water. The conference was attended by politicians, researchers, farmers representatives to share ideas and look for opportunities for future development.

During the exhibition, our expert also attended the meeting of the representatives of the Baltic and Hungarian farmers’ organizations, where common interests were marked with regard to the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), and also discussed the nearest works to be done. The setting for honest direct payments is still a priority for the Baltic States. In addition, we discussed other CAP measures, such as risk mitigation measures, promotion of co-operation, agri-environmental measures.

It was agreed together that the next meeting will be organized only by the Baltic States and will be held in March.

Participation in these events was possible with the support of the Baltic Slurry Acidification project implemented by the Farmers’ Parliament.