Sustainable development of European rural areas through cooperation in marketing of local and organic food products (MARLO)

Agreement No. 2013-1-ES1-LEO05-66705 Project No. 2013-1-ES1-LEO05-66705



Success of local and organic food products depends on different competencies of stakeholders in the market – producers, retailers, tourism sector, and the level of their cooperation.


The MARLO project will place bigger emphasis on organic products and marketing of local and organic food products through tourism sector; it will aim to highlight the importance of cooperation of different stakeholders and create direct and online networking opportunities. The consortium involves partners representing both farmer and tourism associations, thus there will be many opportunities to share experience and encourage local and international cooperation of their members

MARLO objectives include needs analysis; sharing experiences in promotion of local and organic products and marketing training; adaptation of ProudFarmer training tool to the requirements of the target group and project countries; testing and evaluation; creation of local and international networking and cooperation opportunities for the target group; dissemination and preparation of appropriate mechanisms/processes for further exploitation of project results





Union “Farmers Parliament” (Latvia)

X-Panel Ltd (Cyprus)

Kauno regioninis inovaciju centras (Lithuania)


CYPRUS VILLAGES – C.V Agrotourism Co Ltd (Cyprus)

Lithuanian Countryside Tourism Association (Lithuania)


ZSA tasks:

– participate in project management,

– organise the 2nd project meeting in Latvia and take part in other meetings,

– participate in the development of methodological framework,

– share experience in marketing of local and organic products, as well as related training,

– transfer the results of ProudFarmer to other project partners – present and explain ProudFarmer training methodology and tools, share experiences from application of training tool, etc.,

– perform the needs analysis in Latvia;

– participate in adaptation of the training tool,

– organise pilot testing and evaluation in Latvia;

– participate in project quality management,

– participate in project dissemination and exploitation.


ZSA will implement and lead WP3 -Needs analysis

WP3 aims identify conventional and organic product information and training needs of project partners’ countries, elaboration of the conclusions and recomendations



The main outcome will be a Methodological Training Tool in Marketing of Local and Organic Food Products. Update the e-learning tool developed in ProudFarmer.


Project duration – 2 years

Budget: 24 180 EUR, Leonardo funding (75%) 17 046,90 EUR, Coofinancing (25%)  7133,10 EUR,




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