• 2019-04-24


The goal of WATERDRIVE is to go a step further: introducing new, smarter water management practices in agriculture, encouraging stakeholders to cooperate, creating innovative planning tools for water management and spatial development planning, creating and specifying forms of cooperation for water management, and making recommendations for agri-environmental measures for the new programming period.

Direct target groups include local municipalities, farmers, agricultural consultants and other water and land managers, as well as policy makers. The project involves partners and brings together knowledge from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

We have two years of work ahead of us, in which we will try to implement some of the experience and knowledge of foreign partners in Latvia, in cooperation with the Latvian project partners, in the adjacent areas of the St. Pierre River. We look forward to supporting members of the Farmers Parliament and other farmers, because only by working together and examining ideas, solutions can we prepare the most realistic proposals for policy and support instrument makers.


Project partners:

  • Jelgava Local Municipality (Latvia)
  • Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (Latvia)
  • Union Farmers’ Parliament (Latvia)
  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden)
  • South Baltic Water District Authority/Kalmar County Administrative Board (Sweden)
  • Swedish Board of Agriculture (Sweden)
  • Västervik Municipality (Sweden)
  • Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania (Lithuania)
  • Natural Resources Institute Finland (Finland)
  • Finnish Environment Institute (Finland)
  • ProAgria Southern Finland (Finland)
  • Finnish Field Drainage Association (Finland)
  • Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre (Estonia)
  • European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology (Poland)
  • Agency for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs of the German Federal State Schleswig Holstein (Germany)
  • L&F SEGES (Denmark)


Total budget: 2 711 587.00 EUR

ERDF co-finansing: 2 113 858.95 EUR

EU partners contribution: 577 728.05 EUR


Project contacts:

  • Frank Bondgaard, SEGES, fbo@seges.dk. Denmark
  • Kaja Peterson, SEI Talinn, peterson@sei.org. Estonia
  • Helena Äijö, Finnish Field Drainage Association, aijo@salaojayhdistys.fi. Finland
  • Uwe Rammert, Agency for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs of the German Federal State Schleswig Holstein, rammert@llur.landsh.de. Germany
  • Ainis Lagzdins, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, lagzdins@llu.lv. Latvia
  • Zymantas Morkvenas, Baltic Environment Forum, morkvenas@bef.lt. Lithuania
  • Katarzyna Izydorczyk, European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology, izydorczyk@erce.unesco.lodz.pl. Poland
  • Staffan Lund, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, lund@slu.se. Sweden


Project nr: R094

Project period: 21.09.2018-30.09.2021