GreenAgri Conference “Environmental Requirements and Efficient Organic Fertilizer Management in the Baltic Sea Region Countries”

On 15.-16.02.2016. Farmers’ Parliament in cooperation with the Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce organized a conference “Environmental Requirements and Efficient Organic Fertilizer Management in the Countries of the Baltic Sea Region” within the framework of the Central Baltic Sea Region Program 2014-2020 under the project GreenAgri CB272.

Baltic Sea Region farmers are not always efficient in using plant nutrients in organic fertilizers, losing productivity and quality. Farmers and policy makers still have a different understanding of manure management: in many cases, there is a lack of information and knowledge about the practical conditions of production in different countries. Organic manure management is a limiting factor in the negotiations between producers and officials on environmental requirements in agricultural production. To address this problem, a project is underway to manage organic fertilizers (manure) based on practical farm demonstration, knowledge transfer and cooperation.

The aim of the conference was to facilitate the exchange of experiences on the implementation of environmental requirements, to discuss the differences in environmental legislation binding on Estonian and Latvian farmers, to get acquainted with the views of Estonian and Latvian experts on agricultural resources and on available technologies for organic manure application.

Target group: farmers, consultants, environmental specialists, students, as well as NGOs, local government representatives and other stakeholders.

On the first day of the conference – on February 15, 2016, we visited 3 farms, where we learned about various organic fertilizer management technologies.

On the second day of the conference – 16.02.2016. The participants of the conference got new knowledge and information on national experience in the management of organic manure and environmental legislation in Latvia and Estonia.