January 24, 2017 seminar on Fertilizer Planning

On January 24, in the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training center Farmers’ Parliament held a seminar on fertilizer plans including organic fertilizers.

The fertilization plan should be at the disposal of every farm. The fertilizer plan is a “production tool” that plans the desired yield level and, accordingly, a fertilization program to achieve this yield level. Fertilizer plans in  the farms of Zemgale have been mandatory since 2004. At the moment, fertilization planning should begin to become accustomed to farms throughout Latvia in terms of integrated cropping requirements.

Each farm can choose from different samples it uses to form fertilization plan. It is important that the plan can be put into practice and that it is not formal.
One of the tasks of the project GreenAgri is to draw up a fertilization plan, including manure produced there. How to do it better? We invited professionals who introduced the basic principles of the fertilization plans and various methods to the seminar.
Skaidrite Rulle, Director of the Agrochemestry Department of the State Plant Protection  Agrochemistry, stressed the requirements of the regulatory acts for the use of fertilizers. Ināra Līpenīte, associate professor of the LUA, told about the basic principles of integrated fertilization. Latvian Rural Agricultural and Training Center Crop Consultation Andris Skudra presented the development of a fertilization plan in the RSS e-mail system (EPS).
In turn of the afternoon followed the presentation of the companies EnAgro, AgTech, Agricon and one example of the demonstration farms – Lielvaicēni fertilizer plan. At the seminar, Farmers’ Parliameny expert Iveta Grudovska presented the results of the organic manure analyzes of the demonstration farm.
The seminar was organized under the GreenAgri CB272 project.