Jelgava municipality involves in an innovative drainage project

Municipality of Jelgava, engaging in a unique project in the whole Latvia, carries out reconstruction work on the ditches of Sodītes ditch in Viesturciems, Glūdas parish, Jelgava district. The project is intended to restore Sodītes ditch for a two-stage drainage ditch along the entire length, as well as to install water flow and chemical measuring wells in order to monitor the positive impact on the environmentally friendly drainage construction on self-cleaning processes.

It must be said that Jelgava is located in nitrate sensitive areas. These are places where intensive farming takes place, which leads to a high risk for overburdening of water bodies and teats. Naturally occurring waters, also affecting the sea, become eutrophic – the water is enriched with nitrogen compounds, which results in the accelerated growth of algae and higher forms of plants, thus creating an adverse environment for aquatic organisms and they die. This means that there isn’t sufficient amount of self-purifying of water.

Construction project design is carried out by IK “Firma Meliors”,  construction work is carried out by SIA “Bauskas meliorācija”


Figure 1. Designed wetland plan at Sotītes ditch lower part


Figure 2. Designed ditch cross section


Figure 3. Ditch stage with board fasteners


Figure 4. Creating wetlands by transforming the degraded lowland