Meeting on Project GreenAgri 11th January 2016


NGO Farmers Parliament office, Republikas laukums 2, Riga

Planning project activities for January-June 2016

WP1 “Management and co-ordination” activities:

  • Planning Steering Group meeting in Estiona (26.02.2016)
  • Planning next project meeting (26.02.2016. or in March 2016)

WP2 “Testing” activities:

  • Results of the tender or technology survey, palnning first meeting with service provider (during the conference?)
  • Finding participants for pilot programme – time schedule, publicity activities
  • Finding environmental/agricultural ecperts supporting pilot farms

WP3 “Skills and knowledge improvement” acitivities:

  • Planning the study tour of latvian farmers to Estonia in April 2016

WP4 “Improving cooperation” activities:

  • The results of the first local workshops of farmer organisations, research institutions and governmental agencies in November/December 2015
  • Planning next workshops in first half of 2016

WP5 “Communication” activities:

  • Project sections in website of partners
  • Publishing project newsletter in January/February 2016
  • Organising cenference in Latvia
  • Planning info seminars and demo days in both countries (results of technology survey)