Practical actions for holistic drainage management for reduced nutrient inflow to Baltic Sea (NUTRINFLOW)

Program: The Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020

Priority: P2 Sustainable use of common resources

Specific objective: 2.4. Reduced nutrients, hazardous substances and toxins inflow into the Baltic Sea.

Main objective: The overall objective is to implement, demonstrate and increase the recognition of innovative and holistic water management measures in agricultural areas contributing to reduced nutrient losses in the immediate watershed and into the Baltic Sea.

Project partners:

  • ProAgria Southern Finland (Finland) – lead partner
  • Zemgale Planning region (Latvia)
  • Union Farmers’ Parliament (Latvia)
  • Latvia University of Agriculture (Latvia)
  • Jelgava Local Municipality (Latvia)
  • JTI-Swedish Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (Sweden)
  • County Administrative Board of Östergötland (Sweden)
  • City of Loviisa (Finland)

The project continues in “Baltic Compact” and “Baltic Compass” projects launched projects in relation to environmentally friendly solutions in drainage systems. The new project demonstration sites will be Ailes stream in Tērvete and Jelgava municipality Sodītes river, as well was water quality measurements in SIA “LLU MPS “Vecauce” will continue.


1. Stakeholder meetings / workshops to promote better cooperation between stakeholders and the use of innovative methods and technologies for implementing water protection measures. 12 regional meetings are planned, 1 report on the process of dialogue between the partners, as a means of stimulation innovations. It is planned to link the cooperation group dialogue with the European Innovation Partnerships (EIP) in order to assess different approaches to increase the efficiency of environmental responsibility.

Also, the potential demonstration site in nature and methods will be selected according to the working groups and seminars results. Activities will involve:

  • Representatives from local governments – Tērvete, Zaļenieki, Zemgale Planning Region, Jelgava region;
  • Farmers;
  • Experts from the NGO Farmers’ Parliament;
  • Latvia University of Agriculture;
  • Local community representatives;
  • An external expert, who will be responsible for developing dialogue, as well as preparing a recommendation report.

2. The demonstration of innovative technologies and methods will be organized in 3 separate locations, selected as a result of dialogue seminars. Accordingly, external services will be concluded for demonstration site purposes. Planned demonstration sites – Jelgava Municipality and Zaļenieki parish.

3. Knowledge transfer, dissemination of information – video material will be developed with participation of professional team.

4. International and national dialogue – participation in policy development processes (meetings, seminars, workshops). Dialogue with decision makers at national and EU level. Presentation of experience, results, etc.

5. Demonstration monitoring, The Latvian University of Agriculture will collect and regularly analyze water samples throughout the project.

Rural day: “Techniques to return overgrown land to agricultural production” VIDEO

Total budget of the project:  EUR 1 763 961.79 (incl. ERDF: EUR 1,389,058.24)

The budget of Union “Farmers’ Parliament”: 171 625,50 EUR (incl. ERDF: 145 881,68 EUR)

Project implementation time: 09.2015. – 02.2019. (42 months )

Project number: CB295