NUTRINFLOW experience exchange program to Finland

On 18 and 19 May 2017 representatives of the Farmers’ Parliament participated in the seminar of the Central Baltic Programme “Practical actions for holistic drainage management for reduced nutrient inflow to Baltic Sea”(NUTRINFLOW)” at the project’s leading partner in Finland.

Project lead partner ProAgria Etelä-Suomi implements environmentally-friendly drainage systems in project pilot areas in the Hardombacken region of southern Finland.

In pilot are the 9.850m ditch section is arranged and environmentally friendly elements added to enshure biodiversity before entering the river – 5 new streches, 2 stone piles, 658 m covered wire, 300 m 2-stage ditch and 100 m intact ditch. Object opints were obtained in the course of inspection that will be useful in Jelgava municipality during construction.