Seminar on the implementation of environmentally friendly elements for crop farmers

On February 17, 2017, Farmers’ Parliament organized seminar on the implementation of environmentally friendly elements for crop farmers. Crop farmers discussed the future challenges in grain production. In the meeting participants agreed that there are many different solutions to tackle the problems themselves, such as getting higher yields and retaining the best employees. But each individual owner can feel powerless in front of such a challenge as the unstable land market in Latvia and tax policy. Much has been discussed about the need to plan grain harvest income for at least 10 years ahead in order to be able to purchase the necessary resources for farming – land, machinery and pre-treatment equipment and buildings. However, current policy planning not only in Latvia but also in the EU as a whole raises concerns about the long-term development strategy. Changes in direct payments – strange demands for greening, the limitation of pesticides and the reduction of GHG emissions from agricultural activity, create tensions and uncertainty about the future. Though initially, the conclusions may seem rather gloomy, grain farmers are determined to fight for their place in the agriculture of Latvia in the long run and admitted that such “brainstorming” is very educational – that is, you are not alone with your problem!