Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and Latvian Environmental Protection Fund Project “Sewage sludge management in Latvia in relation to EU requirements” (08.2004 – 11.2005)

Project partners: Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (JTI), Zemnieku Saeima (Latvia), Latvian Waste Management Association, Latvian State Forest Research Institute “Silava”, Latvian University of Agriculture, SIA “Strasa Konsultanti” (Latvia), SIA “Agito” (Latvia).

Project objectives: to prepare Latvian authorities for comming changes in EU sludge legislation, to provide knowlegde to central key actors, to establish basis for practical implementation of technology and knowledge transfer from Sweden to Latvia.

Project included development of institutional tools, information materials about sludge management and sludge management method demonstrations.

Funding: Swedish Environmental Protection Agency: SEK 2 405 000
Latvian Envirnmental Protection Fund: LVL 5000.

More information about project is at: http://sludge.silava.lv