Vocational Pedagogical Skills in Agriculture, Horticulture and Agro-environmental practices

Agreement no. 2015-1-LV01-KA102-013327

Hosting organization: Agriculture Association of Czech Republic

Implementation period: 13/03/201619/03/2016


In order to ensure practice for vocational education institutions students’   key aspects  are skills of people involved in practice,  communication and collaboration quality, with vocational schools and practice providers (business). Qualitative practice = 3 the shared responsibility, the parties’ successful cooperation 3 stages of practice organization (www.qualityplacements.eu).

Union”Farmers Parliament” members are also able to contribute through the professional training of students of educational institutions supporting sustainable rural development and employment, improving the agricultural sector and moving it to the value of nature conservation and higher value-added products, thereby contributing to employment, incomes and natural values in rural areas.

ERASMUS KA1 + project “Vocational pedagogical skills in agriculture, horticulture and agro-environmental practices” managers’ goal is to raise the professional teaching skills and competencies, as well as to acquire additional knowledge and skills in the agricultural sector practices in the organization, management, practice report evaluation, in collaboration with institutions of vocational education, qualification exam-making in the organization of the profession of days, etc.

Project results or benefits:

1) become familiar with farming practices and CZ and  UK organization, information on internship programs, mentor cooperation with educational institutions, opportunities to influence curriculum and qualification standards;

2) researched the flow of information and knowledge management and agri-environmental activities running throughout the agricultural sector;

3) explored  new and potential for agriculture-based industries;

4) activities unexplored potential for cost savings and efficiency optimization and balancing with the management of resources in order to reduce environmental pollution and promote conservation of biological diversity, as well as provide high quality products, promoting integrated production methods in;

5) explored innovation and / or agricultural process cycle reduction options;

6) explored intellectual property management;

7) provided further opportunities for cooperation with partners and joint projects;

8) Promote the development and acquisition of terminology in English and a short presentation of the cultural and historical heritage.

Participants’group consists of 4 ” Farmers’ Parliament ” members – practice managers, which provides vocational training placements for students of agriculture. Job –shadowing programme implemented in the Czech Republic. The project gained the skills and competencies will be assessed with the Europass CV documents. The project makes a a great contribution to the Union practice  providers’ competence and students preparing to be competitive in the job market, in local, regional, national and international including European level.